Here are my videos about diet, nutrition and food. I share all the diet tips and tricks that I use to lose weight and keep it off. I show you what I eat in a typical day, as well as lots of healthy, delicious and easy recipes that you will love!
If you're a foodie like me, there's plenty here to get you salivating, so come on and dig in!



This is where you'll find all my exercise videos, including my favourite workouts that you can do with me! My routines are fun, easy to follow and suitable for beginners or more advanced. If you're trying to lose weight, build muscle or just feel fitter and happier (exercise is a great mood booster) then pull on your leggings and let's get moving!



Looking for some inspiration? Can't imagine you'll ever have the body of your dreams? Then check out my body transformation videos. They'll convince you that you're never too old to lose weight, shape up and totally transform your body. I did it, and so have many others. Now it's your turn. Your fabulous transformation starts now!