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Dukkah-Crusted Fried Fish

Dukkah-Crusted Fried Fish

If you love battered, deep-fried fish, you need to try my dukkah-crusted, lightly-fried version. It’s infinitely better for you, far more delicious, and it doesn’t leave you feeling weighed down and stodgy, like fried food can. Dukkah is an exotic blend of crushed nuts, seeds and spices. It comes in many different varieties; I used a pistachio and thyme blend. Choose whatever kind of white fish you like; a thicker fillet is best. I love barramundi because it tastes fantastic and it stays juicy even if you overcook it, so it’s practically idiot-proof! Most recipes tell you to oil foods before you coat them to help the dukkah stick, but I find the dukkah sticks perfectly well to a fresh fish fillet, with no oil required.


1 white fish fillet, skin off
1 - 2 tbsp dukkah
1 tsp olive oil


  1. Spread dukkah evenly over a plate
  2. Press one side of fish into dukkah, then turn over and coat other side. It’s also nice to coat the edges of your fish, if they’re thick
  3. Heat 1 tsp olive oil in frypan until hot. Turn heat down to medium and fry fish on both sides until crust is golden brown and crispy, and inside is just cooked

Additional Notes

This delicious fish pairs beautifully with my Mango and Mint Super-Salad

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