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When you think of losing weight, do you imagine endless months of hunger, deprivation and misery? Have you tried to lose weight so many times, you’ve decided dieting is a complete waste of time and effort, and each failure another blow to your self-esteem? Believe me, I know EXACTLY what that feels like.

I spent most of my twenties, thirties and forties trying every new diet as it came along, certain each time that I had found THE ONE; struggling hard to lose weight and then almost effortlessly gaining it back. The seemingly endless cycle was depressing, as was the eventual conclusion I came to: that I would have to give up on the idea of ever reaching my goal weight, and just be overweight for the rest of my life. My towel was almost thrown in.

Almost, but not quite! As I got further along in my forties, the idea of being fat at fifty … was a bit too much. I resolved to give it one more huge effort. I would get rid of all my excess weight – over 60 pounds - once and for all. To my amazement – and delight! – I DID it!  And did it while also coping with the challenges of menopause!

Before AfterOne good thing that has come from decades of struggling with my weight is that my experiences have taught me so much; given me so much knowledge, that I now feel I am able to help and encourage other women who are dealing with the same issues. It was the reason I started my YouTube channel. The nearly two million views and the thousands of grateful comments I have received, are proof I was right.

Here are some of the things I know about losing weight:

Every overweight person has a unique story

Understanding the factors that have caused you to become overweight - and are keeping you that way - is the key to creating a realistic weight loss strategy that will work for you. The reasons you have been unsuccessful at losing weight can be many and varied, and as unique as you. This is one aspect that the latest ‘off-the-shelf’ diet plan can’t realistically cover.

You need to have a really compelling reason in order to lose weight

You can’t be half-hearted when it comes to losing weight. It’s going to take a fair amount of time and a lot of determination, so you need to be highly motivated to stick it out. Find the compelling reason that is going to be your prime motivation to lose weight, and don’t lose sight of it.  Sounds like a simple thing, but it’s so easy for your motivation to wane over time. Any diet, even my Fabulous Body Transformation program, will ultimately fail if you’re not truly committed. And if you need help finding – and sustaining – motivation, read my blog:  HOW TO STAY MOTIVATED DURING WEIGHT LOSS


There is no one-size-fits-all perfect diet

If there was, I’d create it and I’d be a gazillionaire

You can’t expect to change the habits of a lifetime overnight

Going all gung-ho and vowing to completely overhaul your diet in one fell swoop is not a good idea. We’re all creatures of habit, and eating habits are deeply ingrained and not so easy to change. If you have bad habits, they need to be de-programmed out of you and replaced with new and better habits. That’s not to say you shouldn’t decide to go ahead and eat healthier and make better choices straight away, but trying to implement too many drastic changes all at once is unrealistic and unsustainable. You’re far better off eating a diet that is more like a modified version of what you’re used to.

It’s important to enjoy everything you eat

Delicious food is one of life’s great pleasures. It’s not your enemy and it won’t stand between you and your dream body; I can promise you that. It doesn’t matter how desperately you want to be slim – nobody on earth can stick to a diet of bland, tasteless or downright unappetising food.

What about exercise?

Diet is by far the most important part of any weight loss equation. In fact, you can lose weight doing no exercise at all, just by controlling what you eat. However, exercise has multiple benefits, for both your physical and mental health, and my Fabulous Body Transformation program would not be complete without it. So, while we will always focus on the food, I will also recommend an exercise program based on your goals and fitness level.

The right support can make all the difference to your success

Support does not mean nagging. You do not need someone monitoring everything you eat and making you feel bad when you deviate from your plan. The right kind of support comes from people who are encouraging you from the sidelines and rooting for your success; not because THEY want you to lose weight, but because they know how important it is to YOU.

Weight Loss Coaching

Me … today!

It’s hard to describe how amazing it feels to live in a body that is slim, fit, strong, healthy and vibrant, at the age of 54. To be able to go for long walks without feeling pain in my joints. To do normal things like carry groceries and tidy the house, and not feel exhausted afterwards. To wear all the things I love – jeans and shorts, cute dresses and sleeveless tops – instead of trying to hide my body in baggy, shapeless clothes. To come out of my fat shell and feel like my true self again – happy, confident and outgoing.

I Want You To Feel As Amazing As I Do, And I Know I Can Help You Get There With My Fabulous Body Transformation Weight Loss Program.


Initial Consultation

1 hour: $75 (US)

Every Fabulous Body Transformation begins with a thorough consultation, either in person or via Zoom video call.

Together, you and I will look at your weight and examine your diet history, your lifestyle, physical activity, any medical issues; all the factors that have contributed to your current weight status. We’ll discuss your body transformation goals and determine a realistic time frame for you to achieve them. I will ask you to keep a food diary for one week, prior to this consultation, so that I can assess your eating habits.

Personalized Eating Plan

with Ongoing Support: $120 (US)

After the initial consultation, if you decide to proceed, I will create a personalized eating plan to help you reach your goals, taking into account your particular dietary needs, eating habits and food preferences. My strategy is to create a diet for you that is not vastly dissimilar to the way you are eating now, so you will be eating foods that you are used to, and actually like. I also like to design a plan that gives you a great balance of nutrition and treats, so that you can still enjoy what makes you happy while you’re losing weight.

Included in this package are two additional 30-minute consultations. You can book these any time within a month of you receiving your eating plan. These sessions will be a great opportunity to track your progress, address any issues you are having and, if necessary, make adjustments to ensure that your plan is working for you.

In addition, you may contact me any time by email, for a quick response to whatever questions you may have.

If you’re ready to start your Fabulous Body Transformation, I can’t wait to hear from you!

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