Hello, I'm Lisa.
Welcome to 50 is the new fabulous - I’m so happy you’re here!

When I started my own body transformation journey, just before turning fifty, I spent a lot of time online, looking for success stories and videos of women who would inspire and encourage me. Alas, all I could find were surgically enhanced celebrities, gorgeous young twenty-somethings, or fitness gurus who looked like they lived in the gym. I couldn’t relate to any of them.

Uninspired, but nevertheless determined, I managed to lose over sixty pounds in seven months. I also started strength training – something I’d never done before - and soon noticed some real changes in my body. After I lost all the weight I made a simple video of my before and after photos, put it up on YouTube for a bit of fun, and forgot all about it. A couple of years later, on a whim, I checked out that old video and was amazed to see it had been viewed over fifty thousand times! This was unexpected. Even more heartening were all the comments that people had left me. So many women wrote that they were inspired by my video, and that I was proof that age is no barrier to losing weight and getting into great shape.

I was so excited at the prospect of being able to encourage women my age to achieve their own body transformations, I decided to create my YouTube channel - 50 is the new fabulous - and got busy filming new videos, with the able assistance of my lovely boyfriend/cameraman!

Focusing on every aspect of body transformation, from diet, nutrition and exercise to mental and physical fitness, and packed with all my own tips and tricks for success, 50 is the new fabulous has become a dynamic site where women of all ages - but especially older women - feel supported, encouraged and inspired to get into the best shape of their lives.

I’d love you to join us and get started on your own fabulous transformation!

Love Lisa

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